Happy Belly

Bobby Bear and his father learn to be happy even when bad things happen.

Shrinking Belly

Bobby Bear learns about forgiveness.

Pants on Fire

Sammy the squirrel makes many claims: he can heal, he is King and that he will die and come back to life. The other animals say he is a liar. After performing many miracles, the animals realize he really is King. This is an allegory for Christ.


This is the ending of my new book, Boo!. Chuck hears a lot of animals say they are spiritual. The young bear thinks spiritual sounds like spirits. If they are spirits, they must be ghosts. Chuck tries to prove to his sister that ghosts are everywhere. Thank you Liza Zenkin for singing the songs. Watch all the videos taken from Shawn's  Children's books. These Christian books are geared for children 3-9 years of age.